ShaguWidget is an addon for the original World of Warcraft: Vanilla (1.12.1) and The Burning Crusade (2.4.3) gameclients. It is highly configurable and is able to monitor several game variables including the memory, upload, download, server time, unit names, levels, health, mana, money and much more. ShaguWidget is drawn directly to the World Frame, allowing it to stays visible even when the UI is fade out.

The addon supports adding multiple widgets. Each widget can be scripted and customized via the built-in widget editor using plain text and several variables. Every widget can be toggled for each character. In order to move a widget, the editor has to be opened.


To start the editor/unlock mode:


screenshot YouTube Video on the initial prototype: HERE



Builtin Fonts

ShaguWidget already includes 14 fonts taken from the google font project:


Custom Fonts

In order to use a custom font, make sure it’s a TrueType (.ttf) font and copy it to the Interface\AddOns\ShaguWidget[-tbc]\fonts directory. It might be required to restart the game, before you can access it via the regular {font YOURFONT} variable.