pfUI [darkmod]

Do not install this extension unless you know what you’re doing!

The pfUI-darkmod is an example pfUI module that statically configures pfUI. Its purpose is for developers who want to modify pfUI without changing the addon core itself. This addon and its source-code are intended to give developers an idea of how to use the API, hook functions and change basic alignments of pfUI.

If you’re not a developer on your own but like the darkmod as is, feel free to use it. But be aware that you are out of support and on your own.

Since this addon force-overwrites options, functions and positions that are usually set by pfUI, you might not be able to use those options within the pfUI settings dialog anymore without troubles.



You need to have pfUI installed. Learn more how to download & install pfUI HERE.


  1. Download Latest Version
  2. Unpack the Zip file
  3. Rename the folder “pfUI-darkmod-master” to “pfUI-darkmod”
  4. Copy “pfUI-darkmod” into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  5. Make sure to have your screen resolution set to “1920x1080” (*)
  6. Restart Wow Client
  7. Select and Load the “pfUI darkmod” profile inside the pfUI settings

*) If you have another screen resolution, you might have to adjust the UIScale on your own to have everything fit together

Supported Addons

What is it doing?

Move Chat Frames

Draw Dark Bottom Line

Strech Viewport

Autosize and Move Chat Input Box

Autosize and Move Castbar

Autosize and Move XP/Reputation

Move Buffs

Autosize and Move Minimap

Move Actionbars

Move UnitFrames

Merge Tracking Icon Into Chat-Tab

Move Loot Rolls

Create Top Panel Background