ShaguScore : Gearscore alike Item Rating

Character view
This AddOn is a GearScore alike item rating. It does two things, it calculates the average color (rarity) of the player's equip and it aggregates a score of the overall equip. This score does not reflect the actual strenght of the equip and is just a roughly value based on the rarity and itemlevel.

The score value is calculated as following:
Score = Rarity * ItemLevel * Bonus

Rarity: Poor (0), Common (1), Uncommon (2), Rare (3), Epic (4), Legendary (5), Artifact (6)
Bonus: The Bonus is 2 when a TwoHand weapon is used, otherwise it will be 1


ShaguChat : A Chat Blocker and Notifier

Highlighting UBRS messages
Hides and highlights chat messages with specific keywords. Type /sc or /shaguchat for usage info. Highlighted messages will be colored and printed to the default Error Frame in the center of the screen.

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ShaguPlates : Nameplate Addon providing Castbars, Classcolors and Elite/Rare symbols

Alliances fighting against a Worldboss.
Initially started as a CustomNameplates fork to provide a TukUI alike appearance, but now it is an export of the pfUI nameplates which are entirely written from scratch. It includes alot of features like Elite ("+"), Rare ("R") and Rare Elite ("R+") marks, A non-blocking mouselook on right-click, aswell as classcolor tinted healthbars and integrated castbars (including Spell Icons) for all locales with detection for more than 1000 spells. The setting dialog can be accessed by typing "/shaguplates" or simply "/sp".

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ShaguInventory : An Inventory Counter fork

Item Tooltip
A fork of an abandoned project called "InventoryCounter". It shows the quantity of items in your inventory over all charactes on the same account. The XML File was removed and completely replaced by Lua Code. But basically there are only optical changes done like dual pane tooltip infos. You can find the original version under this link: // inventory counter

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ShaguCombat : An Infight/Outfight Notification

This Addon notifies you about your infight state via glowing screen edges.

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ShaguKill : An Kill to Levelup Tracker

40 kills remaining
Shows remaining kills or other Exp-giving events required to next levelup.

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ShaguMount : Automatic Mount and Shapeshift cancelling

Screenshot is quite useless.
Similar to ezDismount, it unmounts the Player whenever a action is used which cannot be done mounted or shapeshifted.
It's written pretty minimal and designed to work on every localized Gameclient.

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ShaguStance : Provides automatic stance dance

Trying to charge, while in berserk stance.
Automatically switches to the required stance of the attack you just tried to activate.

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ShaguTooltips : Minimal Tooltip Addon

HP, Playername, Infos, Guild and Target.
Changes the appearance and content of your tooltips to a more TukUI alike experience. It shows an healthbar above player tooltips including the HP values, the Guild Tag and the currently focused unit.

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ShaguBoP : Auto Accepts BoP Loot when alone

Removes the Popup Dialog that asks for binding BoP Loot automatically, while alonoe.

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ShaguBam : Crit notifier

New crit record.
Everytime a new crit record has be done, this addon shows up the new record and plays a bruce lee soundfile.
It can be configured to notify via emotes, group chat, raid chat, say, yell or siltently for the player only.
By default it will use emotes. To configure, please type: /bam or /shagubam

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