ShaguQuest and ShaguDB

Version 7.2 released!

ShaguDB is an Addon for World of Warcraft Classic (1.12.1) Clients, which helps you to find ingame stuff and getting your quests done. It draws spawn informations of some gameobjects and npcs on your map. Also it allows you to search for quests, items and much more. It is based on the latest Mangos Zero Database, as well as GMDB for deDE versions. Some parts of the Addon itself are taken from the amazing WHDB Addon. Cartographer is required and included in the download.
ShaguQuest is basically EQL3 with a few modifications to integrate ShaguDB.



Note: ShaguQuest and ShaguDB are not meant to be a QuestHelper Clone. It's a database addon which offers some kind of questintegration via ShaguQuest. If you're searching a real QuestHelper Addon you might want to checkout a new project called Questie instead of ShaguQuest. (or just use both together)

English Version
5.5 MB
German Version
5.6 MB
Mixed Version (*)

*) Those who are playing with a german gameclient (deDE) on an english server without translations, should use the deMIX version.


You should have received an archive containing three folders ("ShaguQuest", "ShaguDB" and "Cartographer"). Copy them to your World of Warcraft Directory under Interface\AddOns. You should now have Interface\AddOns\ShaguDB, Interface\AddOns\ShaguQuest and Interface\AddOns\Cartographer. If you already have a verions of EQL3 (Extended QuestLog) installed, you need to disable or remove it, as its functionality got replaced by ShaguQuest.

If you experience errors, please try to disable all addons beside the ShaguQuest bundle and clean your WDB folder before reporting your bug. If you experience bugs with other addons please check if you still got those problems without ShaguQuest bundle activated before reporting any bug to me.

Working with

To use the provided quest integration, make sure ShaguQuest is enabled. Two buttons will appear on every quest, the "Clean" button will remove all nodes on your map while the "Show" Button will create a Node on your Map for every quest objective and quest giver. The Button on the top-left is called "AutoTrack", it will automatically print the quest objectives of every quest on your map.

Using the Database is straight forward. After activating ShaguDB, you'll see a bluish minimap icon. This will open the Database where you can search for any vendor item, spawnpoint and itemloot in the bottom placed editbox. Pressing the "star" at to the top-right beside the close button, will allow you to add favourites to your View. Theese Favourites will be shown as long as less than 3 characters are typed in the search window. Please note that all Favourites are Case-Sensitive.

Additional stuff can be done, by typing the "/shagu" command to your chat window. This will print a list of all its abilities.


Version 6.7

(28.12.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Eliminated Freeze on Loadscreen - A Message appears if using EQL3 and ShaguQuest at the same time. - The Minimap Icon now has a valid Name instead of "nil"

Version 6.6

(07.12.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed some Game-freeze Issues - Moved the minimap icon to a lower framestrata

Version 6.5

(01.12.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - New Slashcommands - Added the ability to hide the Minimap Button

Version 6.4

(19.11.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed Eastern Plaguelands spawns

Version 6.3

(16.11.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Disable Autotracking per default - Don't save the Autotracking state because of loadscreen freezes

Version 6.2

(06.11.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Separated ShaguDB and ShaguQuest. You can now use ShaguDB without any Quest features - Added automatic quest tracking to ShaguQuest

Version 6.1

(31.10.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed appearance of Buttons in ShaguDatabase GUI

Version 6.0

(30.10.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Added a Graphical User Interface for Database - Added experimental Dungeon and Battleground Maps

Version 5.0

(03.10.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed Thunderbluff spawn points - Implemented a vendor search which allows you to search for items being sold. - Quests are now filtered by the own faction (e.g /shagu quests)

Version 4.2

(18.05.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed the Button overlapping bug - Only show required Questobjectives

Version 4.1

(28.03.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Changed the appearance of the cartographer symbols. Looks now much clearer.

Version 4.0

(25.03.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - The map will now open on the correct zone everytime (99.99%). The issue where a nearby map is opened instead, is now fixed. - Overlapping spawnpoints are removed. Only the spawns that are really on the map will now be shown. - The size of the addon and thus the RAM usage has been reduced. - Quests without questobjectives now have a "Show" button too. - Slashcommand /shagu item does now reliable opens the map with the most spots. - Slashcommand /shagu item has been cleaned up. Alot of wrong zones has been removed. - Some other minor fixes and code cleanups.

Version 3.1.1

(22.03.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Killquests on enGB Clients should now work correctly. Might impact some deDE Quests as well.

Version 3.1

(06.03.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Introducing: Slashcommand "shagu quest <questname>" will search for a questgiver of the desired quest. - Slashcommand "shagu quests" will now print all quests of the current map, if no parameters are given. - Slashcommand "shagu item" now opens the map on the best dropchance. - Slashcommand "shagu item" will now print all zones instead of one broken zone. - Re-designed the formatting on the ShaguQuest slashcommands.

Version 3.0

(05.03.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Alot(!) of Quests will now work better, as there was a bug in the object-database. - Removed many of Lua Errors. - Intruducing: Slashcommand "shagu quests <map>" will print every Questgiver of the desired <map>. - Dropchances are now sortedy by percentage. The highest droprates will now be shown, instead of 5 randoms. - Rewritten the algorithms to match the best map for a spot. Because of this, the map will be auto-opened again. - Many parts of the Code where rewritten. Merged alot of redundant code to functions. - Fixed parse errors in spawnData.lua for enGB clients

Version 2.1

(18.01.2015) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Fixed NullPointer Error for enGB (issue in spawnData.lua) - Rewritten the code of the database export scripts. - Changed Addon Description (Ingame), to avoid confusion with EQL3 <=> Extended Quest Log3.

Version 2.0

(20.08.2014) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - The Map won't open automatically anymore. Instead, all spawns on every Map will now be shown. - Questgivers and everything related to a Quest will be shown on the Map as a "Questionmark". - Changed the structure of questData.lua to make all this possible.

Version 1.0

(07.08.2014) [ Download: deDE enGB ] - Initial Release. Alot of confusing Errors and Issues.